Friday, January 14, 2011

Tron Legacy Sequel - Tron 3 Movie

Tron Legacy Sequel - Tron 3 MovieThere have been talks of a movie sequel to Tron legacy even before the film hit theaters, nothing official yet though. The film has already recouped its budget, it's already profitable and will continue to cash in thanks to merchandising and DVD and BluRay releases. So you bet that Disney is definitely considering a sequel to Tron Legacy.

The ending of Tron Legacy was left wide open, with obviously a sequel in mind. Will Sam and Quorra transform the real world and bring us into the new era dreamed by Sam's father?

The character played by Cillian Murphy, Edward Dillinger, is the likely villain for Tron 3 the sequel to Tron Legacy. From what I heard has already signed up for the sequel.

Anyway more details about the sequel to Tron Legacy as soon as they emerge.